“Lovely to find some sweets which are natural - and very tasty too. Would highly recommend.”

Mrs K Barnardiston

Harold Wood, Essex July 2012

Barney Jack's Story

Barney Jack's Story

Expert British confectioner, Roger Ker, had always dreamed that one day he would invent a sweet (or even an entire shelf load of sweet varieties) that ticked all the boxes of a gaping gap in the sweet shop shelf that had never before been filled. He dreamed of a sweet that was; most importantly, all natural; quintessentially English; totally fun; and absolutely irresistible.

He set about searching all four corners (and the middle bits) of our heritage-filled land to find the tastiest recipes and the most natural of ingredients with which to create the sweet to fulfil his long imagined vision. When all the hard work was done, he needed a name to take his sweets to the market. He needed a name that would encapsulate all that this dream stood for; all natural, English, fun, irresistible... and a name that would capture the imagination of the public and imprint itself in the mind of kids and adults alike... Not an easy task! There was this name and that name, names of royalty, names of ancestors, names of places... the list went on and on, and whilst they were all British, they were not exactly fun. Then the light dawned. Why, he would name the sweets after his own son! After all, Barney Jack was all these things and more! Naturally adorable, a whole bundle of fun, his smile irresistibly infectious, and his name fabulously British!

Barney Jack was just three years old when the newly created 'Barney Jack's Natural Sweets & Goodies' hit the shelves. And just as strangers instantly warmed to this fun-loving bundle of mischief, sweet-eaters of all ages all over Britain quickly fell in love with the natural tastiness of the Barney Jack's range. The irresistible spirit of this 3-year old boy, from his bouncing curls to his cheeky grin, infused character and charm into every sweet.

Made with love

Grown-ups are always in such a hurry. Barney Jack likes to take his time - especially on the way to school. What's the rush?

We think he's right. Nothing's so important that it can't wait. So we make Barney Jack's sweets with time-honoured methods that respect the traditional craft of the confectioner.


Barney Jack doesn't like it when his Mum buys tins and packets. He knows his Granny is the best cook in the world. She picks fruit and vegetables from Grandad's garden to go straight into the pan - and they taste delicious. That's why we make Barney Jack's sweets the natural way. There are no chemicals and nothing artificial - just simple, wholesome ingredients and all-natural flavourings and colours.

Traditionally British

Barney Jack isn't one for change. He doesn't like moving house, changing school - or buying new shoes. Why can't things just stay the way they are?

Well, when it comes to sweets, they can! The Barney Jack's range includes all the old British favourites, just the way you remember them - liquorice allsorts, wine gums, jelly babies and many more. All Barney Jack's sweets are proudly made in the UK.